Tips For Success

Congratulations! If you've landed on this page, you're either already a member of this exciting lesbian dating site or are contemplating being so. We want you to make the most of your time here and if you follow the basic advice and tips that we outline below, we're confident that whether you're looking for fun, friendship or lasting romance, you'll find exactly what you seek at PlanetSappho.

Register with the site

We have thousands of members in your local area but if you don't register your details and add your profile to our database in the first instance, then you'll never get the chance to connect with any of them. It's all very well just thinking that your social life might need a kick-start, but if you don't do anything about it, then nothing is going to change. It only takes a few short minutes to sign-up to this dating site and once you have done so, you'll be able to chat and flirt with like-minded, compatible ladies in your own town or city. It's completely FREE of charge to join this service so you've got nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain so if you haven't yet done so, what are you waiting for?

Create an appealing profile

Three quarters of our members' profiles comprise multiple-choice fields but there are a couple of sections which enable you to stamp your originality on your profile so that it stands out when other members are browsing our listings. We advise all our members to be as open and candid about both themselves and the type of people they hope to be contacted by. Try and come across as upbeat (even if you're having a bad day!), confident and chatty and you'll attract much more attention than if you seem uncommunicative and reticent about yourself.

Upload a photo

It isn't compulsory to submit a photo to accompany your PlanetSappho profile but members who bother to do so receive up to seven times more responses that those who do not. Let's be honest, you want to see what other members look like so it stands to reason that other people will feel the same way about you. If the only photo you have to hand isn't very recent or particularly flattering, you can always say so in your profile. As a general rule of thumb, any photo is better than no photo at all if you want to make the most of your membership here.

Be proactive

OK, you've created your profile so what's next? Well, don't just wait for other women to get in contact with you; you should search our massive database of members using all the criteria that are important to you in regard to what you would like in a partner, and when you come across anyone with whom you think you might be compatible, write to them and introduce yourself. Remember, just like you, all the ladies at PlanetSappho have joined because they want to hear from other members so you can be sure that anyone you write to will be delighted to hear from you.

Compose appealing messages

When you contact another member for the first time, don't just say 'Hi, I like your profile', tell her what you like about her profile, what you think you have in common and why you think you might get on well. The more you say in your mails to other people, the more likely you are to receive a favourable response by return. Also, if you are planning to write to a great many of our members - and there's no reason why you shouldn't - then don't say exactly the same thing in each message. As we've just said, the best way to successfully grab someone's attention is to react directly and specifically to something in the profile that you're responding to.

Check back with the site

There are two reasons why you should log-in to the site as often as possible; we have hundreds of new members joining every day and any one of them might be just the kind of girl you're looking for and, every time you log-in, your profile goes to the top of the search listings in your area which makes it much more likely that other members will find and respond to it. So don't be a stranger to PlanetSappho if you want to get the best out of everything we offer.

Be safe

We recommend that all our members should get to know someone via the internal messaging system at the site before swapping personal contact details with anyone. If whoever you're writing to is as genuine as you are about finding someone special or even just making some new social connections, they wont mind this simple precaution.

If in doubt - contact the site

We pride ourselves on our customer service here at PlanetSappho so if there is anything you're not sure of or if you have any questions regarding this site, just click on 'Contact Us' and send us a message. We are here to help and can guarantee a swift response every time!